Achieving Success with Immediate Loading of Dental Implants

Achieving Success with Immediate Loading of Dental Implants: From Diagnosis to Execution of the Plan with Dr. Scott Ganz

With our improved ability to diagnose in 3D clinicians have the opportunity to assess patient anatomy accurately and in greater detail than ever before. Utilizing our new digital workflow streamlines the process to decide on the most appropriate treatment alternative for each case presentation. When appropriate, it can be highly desirable to consolidate the number of surgical and prosthetic procedures when immediate implant placement and restoration is deemed possible. This CE webinar offers clinicians the diagnostic tools to make educated decisions about which treatment has the best long term prognosis based on sound, proven protocols. The essential and critical diagnostic foundation starts with a complete and thorough examination, clinical assessment of occlusion, esthetics, and the desires of the patient.

During this CE webinar, we will review:
• Understand how critical 3D imaging is for diagnostic purposes
• Understand how different technologies are merged together to improve accuracy
• Understand the three protocols for the use of CBCT for guided and non-guided surgical intervention