Dr. Ehab Moussa

Dr. Moussa obtained his Bachelor’s degree in dentistry from The Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, Egypt in 2009

Subsequently, he joined his father in a specialty practice with a primary focus on dental implant surgery. In 2012 Dr Moussa joined the periodontics fellowship program at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio. Afterwards, he pursued a Master’s degree in periodontics and joined the residency program at CWRU. Recognizing the importance of sound prosthetic principles in a surgical practice, Dr Moussa commenced the fellowship program at Louisiana State University in New Orleans, Louisiana. Throughout the fellowship Dr Moussa focused his efforts on gaining experience in dental implant prosthodontics and managing complex restorative cases. Currently Dr Moussa maintains a full-time private practice position in New Orleans, Louisiana. His services are limited to periodontics, dental implant surgery, and prosthetics. Teaching is a passion for Dr Moussa. He has lectured nationally and internationally on many topics.